Membership at Redemption is participation in a family, a community, a body.

At Redemption Bible Church, we believe membership is much more than just being a spectator; it’s a covenant relationship you enter into with us – and we, with you. As such, we hold our members in high regard and will have certain expectations of you if you choose to take this important step.  

We will expect you to be joyfully in the process of understanding and living in light of the truth of the gospel, striving to make Jesus the center of every part of your life.

We will expect you to pursue Christlikeness through weekly worship services, genuine connection, missional team service, and individual invitation.

We will expect you to intentionally live out the mission of the gospel by sharing Christ with the world around you, drawing attention and bringing glory to our risen Rescuer and Redeemer.

The best way to learn about both Redemption and what it means to be a covenant member is through attending This is Redemption

For more information about This is Redemption, such as when the next class will be offered and how to register, click here.

Upon completion of This is Redemption, all participants interested in membership will read through our membership covenant, complete an application, and be scheduled for a membership interview with one of our elders.

If the idea of a “membership interview” makes you nervous, you can relax. The goal is simply to get know potential members a little better and to answer any questions they may have about who we are, what we believe, or where we are headed as a church. Typically, the interview takes place over a cup of coffee while sitting in a comfortable chair.

To review our Membership Covenant, click here.