At Redemption Youth, we seek to provide a safe place for teens to come and be themselves while having fun and growing in their relationship with our Lord Jesus. 

A typical night includes silly games to get to know the other youth and the leaders, an opening hangout time to talk or play any of our in-room games (pool, carpet ball, four square, ping-pong, mini-basketball, and various others invented on the spot!), a time of opening up the Bible together and discussing real life issues the teens face, and a gym time where we play all different kinds of sports together (including dodgeball, scatter ball, basketball, floor hockey, indoor soccer, kickball, volleyball, and many others). 

The goal of any of the games and sports is to be ourselves and have fun. Regardless of athletic skill, all are included and welcome to play. We also have different events in and outside of the church building. These include camping trips, canoeing, tubing, winter camps, overnights, nerf battles, gym tournaments, and meals together. 

For our time in God’s Word, we welcome all questions, have weeks where we explore and learn about a book of the Bible, weeks where we study a specific topic, weeks where we learn by doing an activity, and weeks where we hear the testimony of God’s work in people’s lives around us. We believe God sent His son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins, and that Jesus rose again from the grave, conquering death. The true internal peace and everlasting joy that comes from a real relationship with God through Jesus is something we want to pass on to the entire world around us, including our youth. As these teens grow into adults, our goal is that they do so with the truth of God in their hearts, minds, and actions. We want them to learn that He is their guide through the tough questions, decisions, struggles, and doubts of this life because we believe He provides the only eternal answer. In short, we want the youth to build their life’s foundation on the rock of Jesus Christ and we are here to serve in God’s work toward that goal!

If you are in middle school or high school, come join us. We meet most every Wednesday from 6:30PM until 8PM. Events will be posted online and information given at group.