Small Groups


Small groups exist for the purpose of spiritual growth through genuine connection.

At Redemption, small groups are one of the primary ways we express community, living the ups and downs of life together. Groups ranging in size from eight to 14 people meet regularly to spend time together, have meaningful conversation, and pray.

When and where do the small groups meet?

Small groups meet in homes, coffee shops, restaurants, and offices scattered throughout the northwest suburbs. Groups meet on various days and at various times throughout the week. As Redemption grows, we are working to ensure that we have small groups everywhere we have people.

I am new here…am I ready for a small group?

You are welcome to join a small group no matter how long you’ve been attending Redemption. However, if a small group seems like a big first step, we’d invite you to check out the Events page and join us for any of our various events as a way to begin getting connected.

How do you decide which small group I will be a part of?

We ask that you fill out the form at the bottom of this page and once the form has been complete, someone will reach out to you to answer any questions you may have. This process helps us determine which group would be the best fit for you based on location, availability, and season of life. If the group you are placed in doesn’t work out for any reason, just let us know and we will work to find a group that is right for you.

What is studied in small groups and how is that content chosen?

Once a group finishes a study, the group talks together about what is going on in their lives and what they would like to learn more about in their upcoming session. Sometimes a small group LEAD chooses the study for his or her group and sometimes the group chooses its preferred study together. Either way, the study will be Biblically-based and applicable to the life of the group. 

Fill out the form below to join a small group.