what to expect

Visiting a new church can be a nerve-wracking experience for all kinds of reasons, one of them being that you don’t know what to expect. This page is our best attempt to help you know exactly what you’re walking into on a Sunday morning at Redemption.

When: Sunday mornings at 10:00AM

Where:  505 W Golf Rd, Mount Prospect, IL, 60056

What: We labor each Sunday to produce gospel-proclaiming, Jesus-praising worship services where life-change is expected. 




How long are the services?

Our services last 90 minutes and include live music with a band, engaging preaching directly from the Bible that will be practical in your day-to-day life, and communion on a regular basis.


Am I welcome if I’m not a Christian?

100%! In fact, we’ve designed Redemption with you in mind! We want our church to be a place where you can belong before you believe. You can have questions, doubts, hurts and pains and you’re always still welcome.

Will I be singled out if I’m new?

Absolutely not! You’re our guest and that would be a terrible introduction to our family. Plus, every Sunday we have lots of people just like you who are checking out Redemption for the first time. Our goal is for you to have the best experience possible, which means we won’t single you out in any way.


What about my kids?

We’ve got them covered. Redemption Kid’s (6 weeks - 5th grade) has their own worship service where they’re taught the Bible in age-appropriate environments, play games, do art projects and make great friends. We create a secure, fun, and clean environment where your kids will be loved and well cared for. You can pre-register your kids by CLICKING HERE.


Is there a dress code? 

Nope! Come as you are and wear whatever you makes you feel most comfortable. Dress up or dress down, it’s up to you. For those of you who don’t want to stand out one way or the other, most people who call Redemption “home” dress causally. That said, we don’t welcome people based on their fashion, and God is far more interested in your heart than how you’re dressed.

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Can I meet the pastor?

Definitely! Pastor Ashley is typically always available after service and loves to meet and pray with guests. Each month we provide a first step to help guests get better connected called Welcome to Redemption which takes place right after service and is led by Pastor Ashley. You can register for the next Welcome to Redemption by CLICKING HERE. You can also schedule a time to get coffee with Pastor Ashley by CLICKING HERE.