Who we are

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We want to make disciples of Jesus that are growing stronger relationally both vertically with Jesus and horizontally with each other. We all want to belong, to make friends and build relationships, and to live life together with others. God has given us a place to do that: the church. Nobody should ever have to walk through the trials of life alone. At Redemption, we walk together.

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We want to make disciples of Jesus who are growing deeper spiritually. Our desire is not just to know more about Jesus, but to truly know Jesus and grow to be more like Jesus. We grow through worship and prayer, and we grow through the reading and preaching of God’s Word, but we don’t grow alone in isolation. We grow by doing these things together, as a family.

We want to make disciples of Jesus that are growing increasingly generous. We are called to live generous lives because we serve a generous God. We are called to be generous with our time, both inside and outside the church, our talents, the gifts God has given us, and our treasures, the finances God has entrusted us to steward. Together we serve our families, our church, each other, our neighbors, and the world.

The Vital Few

Life-Changing Worship Services
The worship service is Redemption’s front door. We labor to produce gospel-proclaiming, Jesus-praising worship services where life-change is expected. Every service is comprised of three movements: preparation, proclamation and response. We strive to create compelling content with consistent excellence for God’s glory.

Creating Catalysts For Connection
Connection is critical to the mission of making disciples. Since it cannot be forced, manufactured, or programmed, we create environments to cultivate genuine connection. This Is Redemption, Connection Events, and Small Groups all play a strategic part in getting our community connected.

Missional Team Service
Redemption exists for the singular mission of making disciples. Every ministry must move this mission forward. All missional teams exist to serve Jesus through the support of the Sunday worship service by striving for excellence in every area of ministry.


Providing Clear Next Steps

We labor to provide clear next steps for new people. Because connection is crucial in our mission to make disciples, every member must own the responsibility of living with missional intentionality and helping new people make their way from first exposure to covenant membership. We do our best to make connection simple.

Cultivating Cultural Consistency

Redemption Bible Church is unique. God has not called us to be any other church. We are meticulous in our efforts to carefully cultivate cultural consistency through every component of our church family. Every member, every ministry, and every leader at Redemption submits to Scripture, persists in prayer, pursues excellence, personally invites, values feedback, plans for guests, and intentionally connects.

Helping Churches Thrive

Redemption is only one church in the larger scope of the Church. Fulfilling Jesus’ great commission requires the development of a countless number of churches. Redemption has a role to play in this larger mission. We seek to create simple and reproducible systems, coach to our strengths, and share what we learn, in order to influence other churches toward greater levels of faithfulness and fruitfulness.


Healthy Churches, Healthy Leaders

If Jesus is the Head of the church, then the leaders are the heart. If the heart is sick, the body can never be healthy. We invest a significant amount of time, effort, and resources into the health of our leadership culture because we believe that apart from healthy leaders, we can never have a healthy church.