Chili Cook Off and Football

2019.11.10-Football and Chili Cook Off.png

Grab your crockpot and make your best bowl of chili!

Whether you’re ready to put your secret chili recipe to the test in an attempt to be crowned the first ever Redemption Chili Master - or you just want to give your taste buds a workout eating some really good chili - while watching some football (don’t worry, we’ll be able to watch a good team play in addition to watching the Bears play) - you won’t want to miss our first ever Chili Cook Off!

To ensure we have enough food for everyone - we’re asking EVERYONE to sign up - and we’re going semi-potluck style and asking everyone to bring something to contribute. Just fill out the form, check off what you’re going to bring, and then drop it off before service on Sunday, November 10th.

We’ve also got some special directions for everyone bringing chili that you’ll get in an email after you sign up.

Ready…set…SIGN UP!!

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