Lord, Hear Our Prayer


1. Praise God for who He is!

Prayer does not begin with you; it begins with God. Every time we sit down to pray, we should begin our prayer by praying God for who He is! And what we saw Sunday in our sermon A Prayer of Adoration is that God is both PRESENT with His people and FAITHFUL to fulfill His promises to His people! We put this into practice last night at Dwell in what was a powerful evening of prayer and worship together!

If you missed Sunday’s sermon, be sure to listen.

2. Pray for your church!

I want to encourage you to regularly be praying for YOUR church.

  • Pray for the people of your church. Pray for our elders, our staff, our small group leaders, and missional team leaders. Pray for the people you serve with. Pray for the people in your small group.

  • Pray for unity within your church. Pray that we would remain a people founded on God’s Word who find our identity in Christ. When we do that, we don't see ourselves as strangers, but as family - as brothers and sisters in Christ. Pray for opportunities to get to know someone new to you. Pray that we would be a family that faithfully follows Jesus together.

  • Pray for the health and protection for your church.

3. Pray for your community!

This Sunday we are collecting 50 Thanksgiving meals to people within our community through the Elk Grove Township that otherwise would not be able to celebrate with a meal. If you have signed up to bring a meal, please drop it off in the Training Center before service on Sunday. And please be praying for these 50 families, that they would not only receive the blessing of a Thanksgiving meal, but the blessing of God’s love for them!

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